A traditional accompaniment with Pakistani cuisine.  Our Biryani dishes will bring you an unforgettable flavor of ancient Mughlai food.
Biryani Rice (Plain) SR. 15
Chicken Biryani SR. 22
Chicken Biryani Boneless SR. 30
Chicken Fried Rice SR. 22
Egg Fried Rice SR. 20
Fish Biryani SR. 28
Fish Fried Rice SR. 25
Mixed Fried Rice SR. 25
Mutton Biryani SR. 25
Mutton Biryani Boneless SR. 30
Perl White Rice SR. 10
Shrimp Biryani SR. 30
Shrimp Fried Rice SR. 25
Vegetable Biryani SR. 18
Vegetable Fried Rice SR. 18